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SMEs are the blood cells for a vivid EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, with a strong impact to all horizontal actions and of particular importance for the Priority Areas SMEs, Innovation and Education. In order to keep on nurturing economic growth and welfare in the Baltic Sea Region, our SMEs need support in the most important task of a knowledge society: creating innovation.

Within the cluster “Innovation in SMEs”, initiated by the Baltic Sea Region Programme, several evaluations and a wide-ranging survey among more than 600 business organisations, universities and administrations were conducted. The following three areas have been identified to play a crucial role for a forward-looking support of innovations in SMEs and need to be addressed:

1. Make organisational innovations in SMEs a top priority
2. Strengthen education to boost innovative SMEs
3. Build specific infrastructure for innovation in SMEs


The final report, including :

- the findings from the projects

- results of the survey 2013

- recommendations for a future support     will be published by 15th of December 2013.