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For the cluster initiative 15 project partners from the every country around the Baltic Sea Region will team up and present a total of 10 INTERREG IV B innovation projects. The partnership has triple helix structure, covering public partner, academic partner and SME oriented organizations.  Several included projects are flagship projects within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, thus the cluster initiative will cooperate closely with the responsible Priority Area Coordinators, namely Priority 7, 8 and 12.
The project will be supported by numerous associated partners, mostly but not only project partners from the individual projects.

WP 1: Coordination

Overall coordination of partnership; writing of application and final report, organizing of 1 – 2 conferences (additional to the INTERREG BSR Conference in October 2012 and other partner conferences that will take place anyway, like the Hanseatic Conference on Innovation and SMEs in the BSR in May 2012 in Hamburg); responsible Cluster Partner 1.

WP 2: Dissemination

Press releases, webpage; representing at official conferences etc.; Cluster Partner 1


WP 3: Collection of Data

Results of all innovation projects will be collected and categorized. Responsible: Cluster Partner 2 and all partners

WP 4: Research

The collected material will be evaluated. A survey will be conducted about the future needs. The task is divided between Teknikdalen (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Estonia) and HP (Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany); participating in survey: responsible Cluster Partner 2, 9 and 10.

WP 5: Publication

Production of comprehensive book/manual and summarized policy paper; responsible Cluster Partner 1 and 2. The book will be of high quality, rather quantity.